Advice For Completing Quote Forms For Coach Hire

These days more and more clients are requesting quotes via emails and online quote forms, rather than using the telephone.

New methods such as these are becoming a key part of any business in this industry, as well as being generally more efficient, quicker and heavily directed at the specific details required. With this said, it is crucial that a client completes their quote requests as accurately as possible to avoid confusion and slowing the process down for both parties.

When filling out an online quote form it is a general standard that the key information is completed first. This usually includes; a hire date, pick-up time, return time, return date (if returning a different day) and the number of passengers the minibus/coach would be for. After this, the client will choose any extra requirements they may need such as a vehicle with tables, a luxury vehicle, livery or multiple vehicles.

A very common mistake which our admin staff find, is that clients sometimes fail to specify whether a pick-up or return time is either AM or PM. This is absolutely crucial for putting together a quote, so whether you prefer to work by a 24 hour system (11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00) or by 12 hour (11:00 pm, 12:00 pm, 01:00 pm, 02:00 pm), the more specific you are when filling out the required times, the quicker the quote can be sent back.

In addition to this, another common occurrence can be from clients that make mistakes when confirming their contact email address or phone number. Without this information it is impossible to send a quote back to the customer. It cannot be stressed enough, that you should always double check your contact information is correct before requesting a quote.

However, as well as customer errors, it is also the coach provider’s responsibility to make contact forms clear and completable. I often find on other companies’ websites that they ask for a considerable amount of information, sometimes asking unnecessary and misleading questions. A good online quote form should have a simple layout, be clear on what it is asking and have concise questioning, providing the coach provider with the essential information to base a price on.

Some coach companies use auto quotes, which generate a price without human involvement. The quote is an estimate based solely on time and mileage, however these quotes do not take into account external factors, such as availability and day events like Christmas or New Years Eve, when there would be additional charges. There have been various reports where clients have been quoted a price of £200, booked the vehicle (therefore are contracted to pay) and then have been contacted and informed that the client must pay additional charges. In our opinion, it is always better to have a professional administration staff member to calculate the quote and check availability.

We continually review our Online Instant Quote Form to make sure it can be easily accessible on our website and provide clients with the opportunity to provide the correct information required. All of our quote requests are reviewed by our professional administration staff, prior to being calculated using all possible situational considerations. Try it out yourself to get a quote for one of our luxury minibuses or coaches quickly and without hassle.

We look forward to hearing from you.