Luxury Self-Drive Minibus Hire

I recently received an email from a client asking: “Why is it so hard to find luxury self-drive minibus hire?”. This is an interesting point, but the answer essentially comes down to cost and practicality. A company that provides self-drive vehicles would not benefit from providing luxury vehicles due to the substantial cost and potential problematic factors.

For example, when a minibus/coach company supplies a self-drive vehicle to a customer, all the insurance costs are accounted for as well as the potential repair costs. So with most standard self-drive vehicles being used as ‘run arounds’ for things like school runs, it means that the idea of a bad driver accidentally scraping the side of the bus isn’t too much of an issue.

However, if a company were leaving the responsibility of a high price Mercedes Benz in the hands of a customer then the potential risks are phenomenal, I mean, would you leave your brand new Lamborghini in the hands of someone you’ve never met before for a day? To provide a luxury self-drive vehicle would be a very small market to gamble against the cost of maintenance.

In addition to this, isn’t the whole idea of luxury travel a chance to experience a bit of the high life? Most would consider luxury as being able to put your feet up while a chauffeur drives you to your destination. If you were looking to transport a group in luxury, what better way than to have a quality minibus or coach that is driven for you.  Taking away all the stress of driving and being able to relax in a large comfortable vehicle for the duration.

Our luxury minibuses and coaches come with professional, qualified, helpful and smartly dressed drivers who will collect you from your desired pick up point and take you exactly where you want to go. This means a no hassle, relaxing and enjoyable journey for everyone in the group.