Ascot Is Finally Here

Royal Ascot 2015

Royal Ascot 2015

After much anticipation, finally the prestigious Royal Ascot has commenced. With people from all over the United Kingdom flocking to the racecourse in admiration for one of the biggest highlights of the British summer season, it is definitely a busy time for us at Nova Bussing.

So far this years events have been some of the most demanding we’ve seen for our luxury and VIP minibuses/coaches, having large amounts of enquiries throughout the week and many secured bookings still ready to head out for the remaining days of Ascot. We are very excited about providing for our clients during this time, supplying high quality minibuses and coaches to suit the occasion and assuring our clients that they make the right impression upon arrival to the events.

Our brand new 2015 Touring GT coach has also seen lots of attention these past few months as the newest arrival in our fleet and as a result, has become a very popular choice for clients travelling to events such as Ascot. We are proud to say that we have also received a number of spectacular reviews and feedback forms from satisfied customers already, all of which can be found on our review website here.

We expect nothing less than a further influx of quotes and enquiries over the next weeks, and we look forward to building further rapports with both existing clients as well as new.