Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the coach and minibus industry it is very important to remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances and vehicle modifications brought out each year. While some are for client satisfaction, many are also beneficial to the coach provider and administration offices. One of the most recent pieces of equipment we have invested in is vehicle tracking.

With the help of vehicle tracking devices, our admin team can not only pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle, but can also monitor the speed, direction and current situation each active vehicle is in at any given time. This has been a major turning point for both our administration team and our drivers at Nova Bussing, providing us with key information that can ensure a higher level of service during each trip.

With this new level of information available to us, the possibilities and potential prospects are endless. Many of the applicable uses for this new system include giving our office team a continually updated insight on each vehicle increasing the practical communication between both the office and drivers.

By using a tracking device we can monitor current traffic situations, hold-ups along motorways and other main road delays that would otherwise cause grief to both coach operator and driver. Usually when held up in a traffic jam or similar situations a driver would be responsible for sourcing an alternative route via road knowledge or using a GPS. These can sometimes result in many pointless miles being added to the journey and cause disruption to the preplanned schedule. However, with a tracking system our offices have fully detailed maps that we can direct our drivers across to ensure the quickest solution possible.

Another direct implication from using this new system is client reassurance. By being able to continually monitor our vehicles, we can help assure clients where the drivers are, how long they will be, how far away they are from the pick-up point and what the outlook is for the clients expected arrival times. This in turn gives the client a much more relaxed experience during their journey. We aim to give our customers the most enjoyable experience possible and by being able to keep them up-to-date throughout their booking gives them a definite sense of reassurance.

As technology grows further afield we will see more and more useful applications within this industry.