Another extremely busy and successful year it has been for us at Nova Bussing. 2015 had some very big events taking place which required luxury transport.

The year started off with us in talks with the Labour party about their transport requirements for the two coach election campaign tour.  It was a very busy March & April with a brand new coach turning up for this job.Once the election tour was finished it was straight on to slightly different tour with SClub7 which took us to the end of May.

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Buses – 2015 Uk General Election

The summer months saw the standard scenario in the coach industry of excess amounts of luxury work which far exceeds the number of luxury minibuses/coaches available.

This year we have noticed that there are a lot more requirements for 9 to 11 passenger full luxury minibuses. The repeated comment coming back from our customers is that they do not want to be using a 16/19 seater and actually want a 9/11 seater with larger seats. With this in mind our VIP 11 seater range is proving very popular and we are now looking at creating a 9 seater VIP range.

July saw us undertaking another big branding project which required four luxury coaches wrapped for The Open in St Andrews. There was a very tight turn around for these coaches to get them wrapped in one weekend and up to Edinburgh.

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Our Luxury Coaches at Open Championship – Scotland

During the summer months we undertook a large variety of garden tours, with a lot of repeat customers from 2014.  The majority of our overseas customers this year were from Austria, France and Switzerland.

We undertook three very large weddings this year with one wedding requiring 17 Luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses all required to be less than 4 years old. We are lucky to have a number of companies that work with us when we have excess luxury work.

The Rugby World Cup was the major event for 2015 with a phenomenal amount of VIP business in London for the matches. We attended nearly every match in London and also the Cardiff fixtures proved very popular. Due to the shortage of luxury minibuses there was a big increase in rates being paid for new VIP minibuses. For us the Rugby World Cup turned out to be one of the most profitable events in recent years.

The horse racing meets, Cheltenham Festival in March and Royal Ascot in June were also very popular as usual. We already have a lot of bookings for the 2016 race meetings and expect these two to be extremely popular again.

To summarise, this year has been a great year for the coach industry with a lot more high quality work than was expected. 2016 is already looking like being a strong year with more quotes out than at this time last year.

If you would like to book with us for 2016, then do not hesitate to contact our office or send an email to info@novabussing.co.uk. For a quick and easy option, you can find our Online Instant Quote Form on our website and we will get a quote back to you as quick as we can.

Closing in on The Rugby World Cup 2015

Luxury Minibus Hire to the Rugby World Cup 2015

Luxury Minibus Hire to the Rugby World Cup 2015

As we approach September the anticipation for the Rugby World Cup 2015 is becoming increasingly apparent with bookings and enquiries gathering everyday. Like many of the luxury jobs we supply, the Rugby World Cup brings many characteristics into play; such as sponsorship executives looking for transfers between company events and VIP’s needing professional minibuses/coaches for entertaining clients.

We provided a variety of luxury, executive and VIP vehicles for the RBS 6 Nations this year and have excellent experience of what is to be expected for an event such as the Rugby World Cup. We not only provided transport for clients attending match dates, but also for meetings, sponsor events, corporate parties and more. With this said, we are very proud of what our customers have had to say about us in the past, all of which can be found on our customer review website here.

We provide for all the UK stadiums but expect our busiest dates will be matches held at Twickenham due to it’s popularity among supporters:

The Rugby World Cup 2015 (Twickenham Dates):

  • Friday 18th September 2015 – England v Fiji (Pool A)
  • Saturday 19th September 2015 – France v Italy (Pool D)
  • Saturday 26th September 2015 – England v Wales (Pool A)
  • Saturday 3rd October 2015 – England v Australia (Pool A)
  • Saturday 10th October 2015 – Australia v Wales (Pool A)
  • QF1: Saturday 17th October 2015 – Winner Pool B v Runner-up Pool A
  • QF4: Sunday 18th October 2015 – Winner Pool A v Runner-up Pool B
  • SF1: Saturday 24th October 2015 – Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
  • SF2: Sunday 25th October 2015 – Winner QF3 v Winner QF4
  • Final: Saturday 31st October 2015 

Be sure to book early and not to leave it too late in order to secure vehicle availability. We already have many of our luxury vehicles booked out for our clients throughout the tournament and expect many more!

If you would like to receive a quote from us then please fill in the Online Instant Quote Form on our website, or send an email to info@novabussing.co.uk with your trip details and itineraries. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss requirements by phone then do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 6444 118.

Already Securing Bookings for Royal Ascot 2016

Royal Ascot

It has been another brilliant year for us transferring clients to Royal Ascot. This year we supplied a variety of our luxury, VIP and executive minibuses to and from Royal Ascot for both returning clients, as well as new customers experiencing Nova Bussing for the first time. We are always very grateful to supply luxury vehicles for clients attending Royal Ascot, providing quality transport for clients looking to arrive in style. We are also very proud of what our customers have had to say about their experiences with us, all of which can be found on our minibus reviews website.

With this said, it’s not over for Royal Ascot just yet! We are already taking a remarkable number of quotes for Royal Ascot 2016, with 2 bookings secured already and more on the way. We expect it to be another big event in our business calendar due to the popularity of both our vehicles and our customer service. We anticipate a large influx of enquiries so would definitely recommend clients to book as early as possible!

All of our minibuses and coaches include large full leather seating with reclining features, air-conditioning, climate control features and a professional, qualified driver ready to meet your requirements. Take the time to visit our website to view a selection of our fleet and the services we provide, perfect for prestigious events such as Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and the Henley Royal Regatta.

Another Busy Year at Glorious Goodwood

Reflecting on the past week, we can now safely establish that it has been another successful year at Glorious Goodwood! It has also been the busiest year to date, with almost our entire luxury fleet being booked out for luxury and VIP requirements. With all the highlights of the events being aided by the superb weather this year and the quality of our vehicles, all of our clients left wonderful feedback about our company and their experiences with us, all of which can be found on our minibus reviews website.

From the initial events at the beginning of the week to the final penultimate race, we have supplied luxury, VIP and executive vehicles for both corporate business clients looking to entertain their personal clients and staff, as well as private hire bookings for individual groups looking to enjoy the sights Glorious Goodwood has to offer.

One of our luxury VIP minibuses

One of our luxury VIP minibuses

However, just because the events have come to an end for this year does not by any means suggest that clients aren’t looking to secure additional bookings for next years races. We have already had many enquiries almost immediately after the events, but have also secured a number of bookings for Royal Ascot 2016.

With a new arrival to our fleet, our brand new luxury Mercedes Benz minibus will definitely be a high priority choice for anybody looking to arrive to the events next year in style. We would recommend booking early to secure your desired vehicle by contacting us for an enquiry via email at info@novabussing.co.uk or by calling us on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, you can fill in our easy to use online quote form for a quick response within office hours.

Golf Open Championship 2015 – Scotland

Over the past week we have been providing luxury transport for VIP’s involved in the Golf Open Championship 2015 held at St. Andrews, Scotland. As an already very busy season for us, we were very pleased to secure this event.

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Luxury Coach at Open Championship – Scotland

We were initially approached by one of our regular clients at the beginning of the year enquiring about our availability and supplying us with a brief of this year’s Open Championship. The requirements of the brief included a total of 46 vehicles – 4 of which were to be specifically luxury coaches with tables and toilet/washroom facilities. These 4 luxury coaches were to be very similar in appearance, following a preplanned vinyl wrap to cover each vehicle.

During the wrapping process we liaised with the client throughout the design stage to ensure everything was as planned in detail. We have been involved in organising coach vinyl prints and vehicle wrapping for many years and were very used to the procedures required to achieve customer satisfaction. Due to us being extremely busy this time of year, we only had a small window of opportunity to wrap the coaches both before they set off and upon their return, therefore had to assure that everything ran like clockwork before sending our drivers out.

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Luxury Coach at Open Championship – Scotland

All of the wrapping was completed over the weekend and then the following week all 4 coaches departed for their destination in Scotland. Over the course of the week the 4 luxury coaches were used to transfer various VIP clients from Edinburgh to the Open in St. Andrews as required.

Due to the extreme weather conditions during this year’s Open, we encountered several hurdles, including delays brought on by the heavy rain and strong winds. However, these were all overcome in a professional and controlled manner thanks to our team of experienced drivers.

We would like to congratulate everyone that helped make this event a successful experience, including our own team of drivers who worked hard throughout their time during the Open; Kevin, Roy, Paul, Brian and Stewart. As this is being written our coaches are being unwrapped, however we have already been discussing plans for the next branding project this week.

Below are a few photos of our luxury coaches in their full vinyl wrap during the event:

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Luxury Coaches at Open Championship – Scotland

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Luxury Coaches at Open Championship – Scotland

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Luxury Coach at Open Championship – Scotland

Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the coach and minibus industry it is very important to remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances and vehicle modifications brought out each year. While some are for client satisfaction, many are also beneficial to the coach provider and administration offices. One of the most recent pieces of equipment we have invested in is vehicle tracking.

With the help of vehicle tracking devices, our admin team can not only pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle, but can also monitor the speed, direction and current situation each active vehicle is in at any given time. This has been a major turning point for both our administration team and our drivers at Nova Bussing, providing us with key information that can ensure a higher level of service during each trip.

With this new level of information available to us, the possibilities and potential prospects are endless. Many of the applicable uses for this new system include giving our office team a continually updated insight on each vehicle increasing the practical communication between both the office and drivers.

By using a tracking device we can monitor current traffic situations, hold-ups along motorways and other main road delays that would otherwise cause grief to both coach operator and driver. Usually when held up in a traffic jam or similar situations a driver would be responsible for sourcing an alternative route via road knowledge or using a GPS. These can sometimes result in many pointless miles being added to the journey and cause disruption to the preplanned schedule. However, with a tracking system our offices have fully detailed maps that we can direct our drivers across to ensure the quickest solution possible.

Another direct implication from using this new system is client reassurance. By being able to continually monitor our vehicles, we can help assure clients where the drivers are, how long they will be, how far away they are from the pick-up point and what the outlook is for the clients expected arrival times. This in turn gives the client a much more relaxed experience during their journey. We aim to give our customers the most enjoyable experience possible and by being able to keep them up-to-date throughout their booking gives them a definite sense of reassurance.

As technology grows further afield we will see more and more useful applications within this industry.

Ascot Is Finally Here

Royal Ascot 2015

Royal Ascot 2015

After much anticipation, finally the prestigious Royal Ascot has commenced. With people from all over the United Kingdom flocking to the racecourse in admiration for one of the biggest highlights of the British summer season, it is definitely a busy time for us at Nova Bussing.

So far this years events have been some of the most demanding we’ve seen for our luxury and VIP minibuses/coaches, having large amounts of enquiries throughout the week and many secured bookings still ready to head out for the remaining days of Ascot. We are very excited about providing for our clients during this time, supplying high quality minibuses and coaches to suit the occasion and assuring our clients that they make the right impression upon arrival to the events.

Our brand new 2015 Touring GT coach has also seen lots of attention these past few months as the newest arrival in our fleet and as a result, has become a very popular choice for clients travelling to events such as Ascot. We are proud to say that we have also received a number of spectacular reviews and feedback forms from satisfied customers already, all of which can be found on our review website here.

We expect nothing less than a further influx of quotes and enquiries over the next weeks, and we look forward to building further rapports with both existing clients as well as new.

Our Part In The General Election 2015

Now that the General Election has officially concluded, we can finally unveil that Nova Bussing was selected to provide the Labour party with two luxury coaches for this year’s election tour. With over 18,000 kilometres covered over a period of 58 days, this year’s General Election attracted large amounts of media attention across the UK.

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

The Labour Battle Bus Stationed Outside The ITV Studio

For the election campaign we provided two Luxury Mercedes Benz Unvi Touring GT’s on tour with the Labour Party. Both coaches were some of the latest in our fleet, of which included a brand new 2015 plate coach that arrived directly from Unvi and also our 2014 plate luxury coach. The brand new coach was actually purchased specifically for the election tour, first arriving as the newest addition to our fleet on the day the coach was due to be wrapped and branded with the Labour election vinyl and slogans.

A few weeks into the organisation of these two vehicles we were informed that the political party required the coaches to be silver in colour to match their campaign colour scheme. Traditionally we provide white coaches with basic livery, therefore for this occasion we arranged for the coaches to be wrapped silver, in addition to the Labour branding printed on the coaches. Due to the nature of the job, the requirements for both coaches followed a strict schedule of being initially wrapped, then stored in a secure lock-up for privacy purposes prior to press launch in two weeks time. Fortunately, we own a large warehouse located within our main depot, therefore we could immediately assure our clients that the battle buses were in safe hands, securely concealed away from the public eye and media attention.

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

For these requirements we used a team of six professionally qualified drivers assigned to the two vehicles, all of whom were selected due to their extensive experience and knowledge of touring the UK. In addition to our drivers, all administration was handled by a singular operative within our Southern based office; dealing with all tour logistics, organisation and over-seeing the general progression of the tour.

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Our Drivers With Ed Miliband

Both coaches included full large leather seating around tables, as well as power sockets at each table and two Wi-Fi routers per coach. Bean to cup coffee machines were also onboard both coaches, along with other appliances such as fridges. The coaches had slightly different configurations, with one bus being mainly used for press (photographers and reporters) and the other being used as the main battle bus for Ed Miliband and his political team.

Not only were we approached by the Labour party for this year’s General Election, but we were also contacted by one of the other main party’s representatives in January, enquiring about provide a battle bus for their election campaign tour. However, due to commitments with the Labour party we were unable to provide another election battle bus for this party.

We are proud to have secured a very lucrative job direct with the labour party, working closely to deliver their transport requirements for the election tour. We have also been very surprised at the amount of social media coverage we were involved in, such as photos of our coaches on the road and articles written about our vehicles and the events. Another beneficial entity came from our luxury coaches having our website address and company logo on them, since then we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our website as well as direct calls and booking enquiries.

We are definitely looking forward to the next big event here at Nova Bussing!

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Brand New Coach At Nova Bussing

With the year off to a fantastic start, the highlights at Nova Bussing continue to arise with the arrival of our brand new 2015 luxury coach!

So far we have already secured a large number of bookings for this vehicle, which are now confirmed and awaiting departure for numerous dates. Among these private hire bookings, we have also taken multiple luxury, executive and VIP requirements for large corporate events, as well as bookings from international clients requesting a variety of day trips and multiple day tour itineraries.

As a respected and reputable luxury minibus and coach operator, we aim to provide only the best vehicles for our clients ensuring they receive new, reliable and stand-out vehicles when booking with us. We are continually updating our fleet of minibuses and coaches throughout the year, looking to purchase the most presentable, economically-friendly and fuel efficient coaches possible.

To keep within our expectations, our new coach is both professional and luxurious, including some of the latest attributes available within the industry such as; large full leather seating with reclining features, 4G Wi-Fi, fresh-water toilet/washroom, tea and coffee making facilities, full air conditioning/climate control, rear air suspension and brand new safety features that meet the latest travel requirements.

Looks Like a Busy Summer

As the glorious British summer begins to set in once again, we are starting to see a large increase in the number of daily bookings taken in the Nova Bussing office. It looks like a busy summer for us, with our office receiving an influx of quote requests from clients across the UK looking to book for all occasions; from day trips across London, to full 3 week garden tours across Kent and East Sussex.

As well as private hire requirements, we have seen a substantial rise in the number of bookings for large UK hosted events such as; Royal Ascot, Epsom Investec Derby, British Formular One and The Henley Royal Regatta. With many luxurious events such as these filling up our summer calendar, it is now the time to get those luxury minibuses and luxury coaches sorted and booked before availability runs thin! We are already extremely busy during the next few months of summer with not much availability left for our luxury fleet, so booking early to secure a luxury vehicle is highly recommended.

The summer 2015 calendar:

Epsom Derby: 5th – 6th June 

Royal Ascot: 16th – 20th June 

Glastonbury: 24th – 28th June

Henley Royal Regatta: 1st – 5th July

King George Day Ascot: 26th – 27th July

Glorious Goodwood: 28th July – 1st August

Goodwood Revival: 11th – 13th September

No matter what the event, arriving in the appropriate manner is crucial. For situations such as these, a luxury minibus or coach is definitely the way to make a lasting impression when arriving on the scene.

We own a range of VIP and Executive minibuses which are a cut above the standard luxury minibuses available. The VIP minibuses include unique qualities such as extra wide seating at the front of the minibus for extra room and air suspension fitted creating a much smoother travel experience compared to our luxury minibus range, a feature found only on VIP vehicles. This range also include full air conditioning, full leather seating, large boot space and finished in white/silver with plain livery, making them perfect for all situations. In addition to all our vehicles, we assign professional, qualified well presented drivers ready to meet the requirements of your journey.

As mentioned before, it is going to be a very busy summer and booking your vehicles early is highly recommended! If you have any minibus or coach requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@novabussing.co.uk or call our office on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, for a quick and easy quote within 24 hours please fill in our Online Quote Form located throughout our website at www.novabussing.co.uk.