Day Buses for Bands, Crew & Artists in the Theatre & Music Industry

In the entertainment and music industry large coaches, such as sleeper buses and luxury minibuses have always been sought after for bands, band managers, crews and other artists. When you’re on the road, whether that’s for a day or a 3 month tour, a high quality, comfortable and reliable bus plays a large part in making things run smoothly, as well as keeping the passengers relaxed.

Many clients look for features such as TV’s, radios, sofas, fridges, tea/coffee makers and other luxuries that will make the artists feel right at home after a long day of performing. These things become essential for artists when you consider that they are going to be living in this space for the duration of a tour.

For other members of production, our luxury coaches and luxury minibuses are perfect for transferring crews to the next location as required. Each vehicle has large leather reclining seats, full air conditioning, and TV entertainment systems as standard. All vehicles also have 240V power sockets with some having WIFI and tea & coffee making facilities.

As well as operating sleeper buses we also operate day buses for bands, crews, and artists for the theatre & music industry.

Tour Buses & Day Coacehs

Tour buses and luxury day coaches for the music industry

Our luxury coaches are often used to transfer bands, crews and artists between venues and hotels. In some instances on short movements a tour bus is not required and a luxury coach or luxury minibus is far more practical.

For more information on our sleeper buses , luxury coaches & minibuses please contact the office and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.