Brokers and Executive Minibus Companies in London

There are very few executive minibuses available for hire in London and the surrounding areas.

Our opinion is that a luxury/executive minibus should be a Mercedes Benz, no older than 3 years with full leather seats and air conditioning as a minimum. You will often find some operators trying to pass off a 5 year, and sometimes older vehicle, as a luxury or executive minibus.

There are also a lot of broker websites online that advertise luxury minibuses and coaches. These brokers act as a ‘middle man’ and take a cut out of the job if they can get an operator to undertake the work.

In short, this basically means that you are paying a broker to look for coach companies for you and that is it. The broker books the coach, splits the money between themselves and the coach company and then has no need to follow up any of the potential problems, such as a coach not turning up or breaking down. Instead they leave the responsibility  with the coach provider they used, making brokers very unpopular with clients who have been unlucky enough to experience these situations.

Most well established companies operating high class luxury minibuses won’t work with brokers and refuse to provide quotes for them. We never undertake work from coach brokers because we do not want to disappoint our clients, so if you want one of our luxury minibuses, it is best to deal with our office direct.

Why not take a look at some of our luxury minibuses and luxury minibuses with tables on the links below:

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