Another extremely busy and successful year it has been for us at Nova Bussing. 2015 had some very big events taking place which required luxury transport.

The year started off with us in talks with the Labour party about their transport requirements for the two coach election campaign tour.  It was a very busy March & April with a brand new coach turning up for this job.Once the election tour was finished it was straight on to slightly different tour with SClub7 which took us to the end of May.

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Bus

Nova Bussing Labour Battle Buses – 2015 Uk General Election

The summer months saw the standard scenario in the coach industry of excess amounts of luxury work which far exceeds the number of luxury minibuses/coaches available.

This year we have noticed that there are a lot more requirements for 9 to 11 passenger full luxury minibuses. The repeated comment coming back from our customers is that they do not want to be using a 16/19 seater and actually want a 9/11 seater with larger seats. With this in mind our VIP 11 seater range is proving very popular and we are now looking at creating a 9 seater VIP range.

July saw us undertaking another big branding project which required four luxury coaches wrapped for The Open in St Andrews. There was a very tight turn around for these coaches to get them wrapped in one weekend and up to Edinburgh.

Luxury Coach at Open Championship - Scotland

Our Luxury Coaches at Open Championship – Scotland

During the summer months we undertook a large variety of garden tours, with a lot of repeat customers from 2014.  The majority of our overseas customers this year were from Austria, France and Switzerland.

We undertook three very large weddings this year with one wedding requiring 17 Luxury Mercedes Benz minibuses all required to be less than 4 years old. We are lucky to have a number of companies that work with us when we have excess luxury work.

The Rugby World Cup was the major event for 2015 with a phenomenal amount of VIP business in London for the matches. We attended nearly every match in London and also the Cardiff fixtures proved very popular. Due to the shortage of luxury minibuses there was a big increase in rates being paid for new VIP minibuses. For us the Rugby World Cup turned out to be one of the most profitable events in recent years.

The horse racing meets, Cheltenham Festival in March and Royal Ascot in June were also very popular as usual. We already have a lot of bookings for the 2016 race meetings and expect these two to be extremely popular again.

To summarise, this year has been a great year for the coach industry with a lot more high quality work than was expected. 2016 is already looking like being a strong year with more quotes out than at this time last year.

If you would like to book with us for 2016, then do not hesitate to contact our office or send an email to info@novabussing.co.uk. For a quick and easy option, you can find our Online Instant Quote Form on our website and we will get a quote back to you as quick as we can.

Customer Reviews

At Nova Bussing our number one priority is to ensure a relaxed and fully engaged service throughout a client’s booking experience. We make it our aim to provide a service that will leave our clients feeling fully satisfied; from the moment they make their initial phone call/email to our office, to being dropped off at their final destination. In short, the better the experience our clients have with our company, the higher chance of that client either returning to us or recommending us to others.

After each booking, we encourage all of our clients to be as expressive as possible about their experiences with us. This includes descriptions of how the trip went overall, incorporating factors such as; the driver’s behaviour and attitude throughout the journey, the booking/payment process and the level of communication the client received from our office prior to and during their trip.

We use a basic star rating system (out of 5) alongside a free-text section giving clients the option to write as descriptively as they wish to highlight their journey details. This gives clients the opportunity to freely express what they felt was good about the journey or elements they feel could be improved about our service or methodology.

We openly except all feedback response from our clients, good or bad, as we believe it to be the best way to manage improvements to our services.

Here is an example of great feedback that we received not too long ago from our customer reviews site www.minibusreviews.co.uk:

“Booking process was very straight forward. The customer service was excellent. Emailing to confirm everything was great. All was no hassle.

The driver was polite and good with the residents that he was taking to Brighton. Feedback from them was extremely positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and in fact all ready have put their name forward.”

Written by: Sally (Review by confirmed purchaser)

Area: Luxury Minibus Hire

We will continue to aim for only the best feedback possible and encourage all of our clients to help us with their comments and views. As a proud and respectable minibus/coach operator, we feel it is our best interest to maintain both a quality customer service and exception vehicles throughout every booking.

If you have any minibus or coach requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@novabussing.co.uk or call our office on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, for a quick and easy quote within 24 hours please fill in our Online Quote Form located throughout our website at www.novabussing.co.uk.

Advice For Completing Quote Forms For Coach Hire

These days more and more clients are requesting quotes via emails and online quote forms, rather than using the telephone.

New methods such as these are becoming a key part of any business in this industry, as well as being generally more efficient, quicker and heavily directed at the specific details required. With this said, it is crucial that a client completes their quote requests as accurately as possible to avoid confusion and slowing the process down for both parties.

When filling out an online quote form it is a general standard that the key information is completed first. This usually includes; a hire date, pick-up time, return time, return date (if returning a different day) and the number of passengers the minibus/coach would be for. After this, the client will choose any extra requirements they may need such as a vehicle with tables, a luxury vehicle, livery or multiple vehicles.

A very common mistake which our admin staff find, is that clients sometimes fail to specify whether a pick-up or return time is either AM or PM. This is absolutely crucial for putting together a quote, so whether you prefer to work by a 24 hour system (11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00) or by 12 hour (11:00 pm, 12:00 pm, 01:00 pm, 02:00 pm), the more specific you are when filling out the required times, the quicker the quote can be sent back.

In addition to this, another common occurrence can be from clients that make mistakes when confirming their contact email address or phone number. Without this information it is impossible to send a quote back to the customer. It cannot be stressed enough, that you should always double check your contact information is correct before requesting a quote.

However, as well as customer errors, it is also the coach provider’s responsibility to make contact forms clear and completable. I often find on other companies’ websites that they ask for a considerable amount of information, sometimes asking unnecessary and misleading questions. A good online quote form should have a simple layout, be clear on what it is asking and have concise questioning, providing the coach provider with the essential information to base a price on.

Some coach companies use auto quotes, which generate a price without human involvement. The quote is an estimate based solely on time and mileage, however these quotes do not take into account external factors, such as availability and day events like Christmas or New Years Eve, when there would be additional charges. There have been various reports where clients have been quoted a price of £200, booked the vehicle (therefore are contracted to pay) and then have been contacted and informed that the client must pay additional charges. In our opinion, it is always better to have a professional administration staff member to calculate the quote and check availability.

We continually review our Online Instant Quote Form to make sure it can be easily accessible on our website and provide clients with the opportunity to provide the correct information required. All of our quote requests are reviewed by our professional administration staff, prior to being calculated using all possible situational considerations. Try it out yourself to get a quote for one of our luxury minibuses or coaches quickly and without hassle.

We look forward to hearing from you.