Another Busy Year at Glorious Goodwood

Reflecting on the past week, we can now safely establish that it has been another successful year at Glorious Goodwood! It has also been the busiest year to date, with almost our entire luxury fleet being booked out for luxury and VIP requirements. With all the highlights of the events being aided by the superb weather this year and the quality of our vehicles, all of our clients left wonderful feedback about our company and their experiences with us, all of which can be found on our minibus reviews website.

From the initial events at the beginning of the week to the final penultimate race, we have supplied luxury, VIP and executive vehicles for both corporate business clients looking to entertain their personal clients and staff, as well as private hire bookings for individual groups looking to enjoy the sights Glorious Goodwood has to offer.

One of our luxury VIP minibuses

One of our luxury VIP minibuses

However, just because the events have come to an end for this year does not by any means suggest that clients aren’t looking to secure additional bookings for next years races. We have already had many enquiries almost immediately after the events, but have also secured a number of bookings for Royal Ascot 2016.

With a new arrival to our fleet, our brand new luxury Mercedes Benz minibus will definitely be a high priority choice for anybody looking to arrive to the events next year in style. We would recommend booking early to secure your desired vehicle by contacting us for an enquiry via email at or by calling us on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, you can fill in our easy to use online quote form for a quick response within office hours.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the coach and minibus industry it is very important to remain up-to-date with the latest technological advances and vehicle modifications brought out each year. While some are for client satisfaction, many are also beneficial to the coach provider and administration offices. One of the most recent pieces of equipment we have invested in is vehicle tracking.

With the help of vehicle tracking devices, our admin team can not only pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle, but can also monitor the speed, direction and current situation each active vehicle is in at any given time. This has been a major turning point for both our administration team and our drivers at Nova Bussing, providing us with key information that can ensure a higher level of service during each trip.

With this new level of information available to us, the possibilities and potential prospects are endless. Many of the applicable uses for this new system include giving our office team a continually updated insight on each vehicle increasing the practical communication between both the office and drivers.

By using a tracking device we can monitor current traffic situations, hold-ups along motorways and other main road delays that would otherwise cause grief to both coach operator and driver. Usually when held up in a traffic jam or similar situations a driver would be responsible for sourcing an alternative route via road knowledge or using a GPS. These can sometimes result in many pointless miles being added to the journey and cause disruption to the preplanned schedule. However, with a tracking system our offices have fully detailed maps that we can direct our drivers across to ensure the quickest solution possible.

Another direct implication from using this new system is client reassurance. By being able to continually monitor our vehicles, we can help assure clients where the drivers are, how long they will be, how far away they are from the pick-up point and what the outlook is for the clients expected arrival times. This in turn gives the client a much more relaxed experience during their journey. We aim to give our customers the most enjoyable experience possible and by being able to keep them up-to-date throughout their booking gives them a definite sense of reassurance.

As technology grows further afield we will see more and more useful applications within this industry.

Brand New Coach At Nova Bussing

With the year off to a fantastic start, the highlights at Nova Bussing continue to arise with the arrival of our brand new 2015 luxury coach!

So far we have already secured a large number of bookings for this vehicle, which are now confirmed and awaiting departure for numerous dates. Among these private hire bookings, we have also taken multiple luxury, executive and VIP requirements for large corporate events, as well as bookings from international clients requesting a variety of day trips and multiple day tour itineraries.

As a respected and reputable luxury minibus and coach operator, we aim to provide only the best vehicles for our clients ensuring they receive new, reliable and stand-out vehicles when booking with us. We are continually updating our fleet of minibuses and coaches throughout the year, looking to purchase the most presentable, economically-friendly and fuel efficient coaches possible.

To keep within our expectations, our new coach is both professional and luxurious, including some of the latest attributes available within the industry such as; large full leather seating with reclining features, 4G Wi-Fi, fresh-water toilet/washroom, tea and coffee making facilities, full air conditioning/climate control, rear air suspension and brand new safety features that meet the latest travel requirements.

Looks Like a Busy Summer

As the glorious British summer begins to set in once again, we are starting to see a large increase in the number of daily bookings taken in the Nova Bussing office. It looks like a busy summer for us, with our office receiving an influx of quote requests from clients across the UK looking to book for all occasions; from day trips across London, to full 3 week garden tours across Kent and East Sussex.

As well as private hire requirements, we have seen a substantial rise in the number of bookings for large UK hosted events such as; Royal Ascot, Epsom Investec Derby, British Formular One and The Henley Royal Regatta. With many luxurious events such as these filling up our summer calendar, it is now the time to get those luxury minibuses and luxury coaches sorted and booked before availability runs thin! We are already extremely busy during the next few months of summer with not much availability left for our luxury fleet, so booking early to secure a luxury vehicle is highly recommended.

The summer 2015 calendar:

Epsom Derby: 5th – 6th June 

Royal Ascot: 16th – 20th June 

Glastonbury: 24th – 28th June

Henley Royal Regatta: 1st – 5th July

King George Day Ascot: 26th – 27th July

Glorious Goodwood: 28th July – 1st August

Goodwood Revival: 11th – 13th September

No matter what the event, arriving in the appropriate manner is crucial. For situations such as these, a luxury minibus or coach is definitely the way to make a lasting impression when arriving on the scene.

We own a range of VIP and Executive minibuses which are a cut above the standard luxury minibuses available. The VIP minibuses include unique qualities such as extra wide seating at the front of the minibus for extra room and air suspension fitted creating a much smoother travel experience compared to our luxury minibus range, a feature found only on VIP vehicles. This range also include full air conditioning, full leather seating, large boot space and finished in white/silver with plain livery, making them perfect for all situations. In addition to all our vehicles, we assign professional, qualified well presented drivers ready to meet the requirements of your journey.

As mentioned before, it is going to be a very busy summer and booking your vehicles early is highly recommended! If you have any minibus or coach requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us at or call our office on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, for a quick and easy quote within 24 hours please fill in our Online Quote Form located throughout our website at

Customer Reviews

At Nova Bussing our number one priority is to ensure a relaxed and fully engaged service throughout a client’s booking experience. We make it our aim to provide a service that will leave our clients feeling fully satisfied; from the moment they make their initial phone call/email to our office, to being dropped off at their final destination. In short, the better the experience our clients have with our company, the higher chance of that client either returning to us or recommending us to others.

After each booking, we encourage all of our clients to be as expressive as possible about their experiences with us. This includes descriptions of how the trip went overall, incorporating factors such as; the driver’s behaviour and attitude throughout the journey, the booking/payment process and the level of communication the client received from our office prior to and during their trip.

We use a basic star rating system (out of 5) alongside a free-text section giving clients the option to write as descriptively as they wish to highlight their journey details. This gives clients the opportunity to freely express what they felt was good about the journey or elements they feel could be improved about our service or methodology.

We openly except all feedback response from our clients, good or bad, as we believe it to be the best way to manage improvements to our services.

Here is an example of great feedback that we received not too long ago from our customer reviews site

“Booking process was very straight forward. The customer service was excellent. Emailing to confirm everything was great. All was no hassle.

The driver was polite and good with the residents that he was taking to Brighton. Feedback from them was extremely positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company and in fact all ready have put their name forward.”

Written by: Sally (Review by confirmed purchaser)

Area: Luxury Minibus Hire

We will continue to aim for only the best feedback possible and encourage all of our clients to help us with their comments and views. As a proud and respectable minibus/coach operator, we feel it is our best interest to maintain both a quality customer service and exception vehicles throughout every booking.

If you have any minibus or coach requirements, then please do not hesitate to contact us at or call our office on 0800 6444 118. Alternatively, for a quick and easy quote within 24 hours please fill in our Online Quote Form located throughout our website at

Luxury Minibus Hire for Golf Tours

Golf tours are very popular for us, with tours taking place throughout the year. Being based in the South of England, there are many very prestigious golf courses that attract the attention of golf tour enthusiasts from all over the world, making luxury transport very popular throughout the seasons.

We have worked with many golf travel agents over the years, with players from Europe and America flying into London for golf  holidays. This year the Open Golf Championship returns to the home of golf at St Andrew’s in July 2015. We have already taken several bookings for golf tours, which also include a visit to St Andrew’s to see some world class golfers in action.

Depending on the size of the party, we would recommend certain vehicles that would be perfect for the amount of equipment being transported.

Our VIP minibuses are highly appropriate for small golf groups of around 4 – 8 people, as they include large boot space, lots of room internally, many luxury features. These vehicles also include large reclining leather seats, full air conditioning and black tinted windows.

For larger groups of passengers, from 12 – 16 people, we would recommend our luxury 22 seater coaches. These include all the features of our luxury and VIP minibuses, but with extra boot space for clubs and bags. The luxury coaches also have tea and coffee making facilities and a toilet/washroom.

In 2003 the Open Golf Championship took place at Royal St George’s in Kent, which was an extremely busy time for us. Many golfers enjoy visiting the open championship golf courses and playing the courses that they watch on the TV.

Other popular courses in Kent that we would normally take people to are below:

Popular Kent Golf Courses:

  • Royal St George’s (The Open Championship Course 2011)
  • Royal Cinque Ports (Open Championships in 1909 and 1920)
  • Chart Hills Golf Club (Designed by Sir Nick Faldo)
  • London Club Golf Course (World Match Play Championship Course 2014)
  • Littlestone Golf course (The Open Championship Qualifying Course 2011)

Some groups plan much longer trips, touring the rest of the UK. As well as touring across England, golfers also enjoy playing some of the fine Scottish courses during their trip. Some clients like to work their way up to Scotland playing courses along the way, while others prefer to fly direct. We have many connections across the UK and have provided for Scottish tours on a number of occasions.

If you would like to find out more about our services and what we could provide for your golf tours, then please do not hesitate to browse our website or send us a quote request.

Luxury Minibus for Kent Golf Tours

Luxury Minibus for Golf Tours

Coach Hire & Minibus Hire for Weddings

Weddings are a wonderful experience for all who are involved and are a time for family and friends to enjoy themselves on the bride and groom’s special day. Hiring a luxury minibus or coach is the perfect option to ensure efficient transfers of your guests on your wedding day. We receive many quotes throughout the year from clients looking to book luxury coaches and minibuses for weddings, and there are a few helpful points that we would advise any bride and groom to consider before looking for transport quotes.

Wedding Coach Hire

Wedding Coach Hire

Firstly, organisers of weddings  often start out by requesting coach quotes for hundreds of people to be transferred, when in fact it’s normally just small groups of close family. Many guests will choose to drive to the church or reception leaving only the close family members needing group transfers. This means that a review of the amount of guests needing to be transferred should be done, rather than summarising the amount of guests expected to attend the wedding in general.

A coach is usually the first protocol for most weddings, however we find that this is commonly subject to the accessibility of the venue. A major factor in Kent and the Southeast  is how accessible churches and wedding receptions  are in a large coach. Being experienced with wedding coach hire in Kent, we always try to point out if the venue is unacceptable for a large vehicle at the early stages of a quote request. If you are unsure about a venue’s access, it is very important that you check this before the day with the coach company.

Another point to be aware of is how the length of day will effect the price when hiring a vehicle. If the type of trip is just a standard ‘to the church then back to the reception’, then the price will be considerably cheaper than if a client wishes to have the coach from 14:00 PM until 01:00 AM the following morning. If budget is an issue then this is a great element to explore when making initial decisions.

When it comes to timings on the day, it should be a priority that the vehicles are present early and arrive on time when needed. This should be evident in a quote form, knowledge of the planned times and schedule should be clear and always have flexibility for guests to get organised on the day. In  addition to this, it is also important to chose the hire date with many factors in mind. For example, if a wedding was being held in January, the cost would differ by quite a margin compared to the busy summer months such as June and July.

All of these points will help bride and grooms decide what will be the best option to choose on their special day. But it is never just up to the client, a reputable company should as well be knowledgeable, helpful and courteous when booking a vehicle. We have been providing for weddings for many years and are very welcome to any questions.

Luxury Minibus Hire for The RBS 6 Nations 2015

Looking back at our quote requests and sales ledger from this week, it is safe to say that the Six Nations Rugby tournament will be the next big event for the luxury minibus and coach hire industry.

Due to kick off on the 6th February 2015, with an evening match between Wales and England at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff, the Six Nations always proves to be extremely popular with our clients. With corporate companies looking to maintain a professional image while providing entertainment for their clients, luxury minibus travel to and from the RBS events is very sought after.

The majority of our clientele attending the Six Nations events this year are small groups ranging from 6 to 14 passengers. From the feedback received from past clients, it seems that selecting a luxury minibus or coach is far more efficient than arranging travel with trains and other public transport.

If a host plans on having more than 16 passengers in their group, luxury 22 – 49 seater coaches provide the ideal option for entertaining  clients. Our luxury 22 – 25 seater coaches have seating around tables, additional room and toilet/washroom. We do occasionally cater for larger groups which prefer to travel in our team coaches, providing them with lounge areas, tea and coffee making facilities and other unique features.

With several of our luxury minibuses already booked, we expect the following fixtures to be the busiest:

  • 14th February – England v Italy @  14:30 (Twickenham Stadium) 
  • 14th March – England v Scotland @ 17:00 (Twickenham Stadium) 
  • 21st March – England v France @ 17:00 (Twickenham Stadium) 

If you have plans on entertaining corporate clients during this time, or if you are an enthusiast looking to arrive at the games in luxury, then feel free to contact us for a luxury quote.

RBS Six Nations

RBS Six Nations

Luxury Road-Show Transport

Luxury road-show transport is on the increase these days, with major international shows such as The X Factor using luxury minibuses and coaches to promote tours. In 2014 we saw The X Factor use 3 luxury coaches live on national television to promote the success of the competition’s 3 finalists. All the vehicles were professionally branded with photos of the contestants and imagery from The X Factor, promoting the run up to the final.

From what we’ve seen over the years, events such as book signings, promotional activities and advertising campaigns are becoming much more common with public figures and in celebrity culture. Choosing to hire a coach or minibus for a road-show event is now becoming a standard practice, whether the hiring is in aid of a book launch, product launch or album release, the right form of travel is essential.

Due to the nature of these events, clients often have to travel from venue to venue following strict time schedules. This usually results in the client missing out on the luxuries they are used to at home, such as comfortable seating, space to relax after visiting a venue, coffee machines and other things they should be entitled to. Because of this, luxury vehicles are becoming significantly more sought after within the promotion industry.

Our range of luxury 11-16 seater Mercedes Benz minibuses come with full leather seating, air conditioning, climate control, on-board entertainment systems as standard. These minibuses also include 4G Wi-Fi, which is essential for a busy celebrity on the road, allowing them to keep their Twitter followers updated and post news highlights about tours on Facebook and other social media. All these features are finished off with stylish black tinted windows, plain white/silver livery and a professional, qualified and well presented driver. As a reputable coach and minibus provider, we aim to provide clients with all the necessities they feel they would require on their journey, to help make it a smooth and enjoyable tour for all.

As well as providing luxury vehicles for promotional tours, we have also noticed an increase in the amount of corporate businesses using luxury, VIP and executive minibuses to carry out site visits to regional branches across the UK. These site visits could be for meetings, branch checks or even product tutorial and demonstration tours. Large companies often choose this method as it can be a more financially viable option for the company. It is common to send a team of management to individual offices, instead of arranging regional managers to congregate at the head office. It is essential to make the right impression in these situations and choosing the correct vehicle to represent your company plays a major part in the success of these trips.

In the past, our luxury vehicles have catered for the needs of many business executives who have needed to present themselves as both professional and organised when entertaining their clients. Our luxury minibuses with tables have always proved to be successful when providing for large corporate organisations looking for executive travel, providing the clients with space, comfort and style. In addition to this, many people choose to use smaller, more executive vehicles such as luxury, executive and VIP minibuses rather than coaches. This is because minibuses often provide a more practical transport option for these types of events, being more convenient when in towns and cities.

Luxury Road-Show Transport

Luxury Road-Show Transport

As mentioned in our previous article, ‘Branded Coach Hire & Vinyl Wrap Branding‘, branding a vehicle for increased PR is becoming highly popular with both small time companies and large corporate businesses. Whether the campaign is for one day or for one month, professional vinyl wrapping can play a crucial part in the perceived professionalism of a company.

For more information on our luxury coaches or luxury minibuses please don’t hesitate to contact us.


2014 Review of Luxury Minibus & Coach Hire

What a busy and successful year it has been for us at Nova Bussing, with 2014 having supplied us with bookings across the seasons. We’ve provided luxury minibus and coach hire throughout the UK this year, from the coast of East Sussex all the way to the peaks of Scotland, it has certainly been a fulfilled year.

Attending some of the most prestigious events each year, this year has been no exception. Sending our top of the range luxury vehicles to VIP’s, senior management of large corporate businesses and other executive clientèle, our destinations have included Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Luxury Minibus & Coach at Windsor Castle

Luxury Minibus & Coach at Windsor Castle

Not only have we been transporting clients from within the UK, but this year we have seen a sizeable increase in the number of overseas visitors travelling to England to view and purchase in the expanding property market in London. Among these visitors, we have also had the pleasure of working with large international corporate agencies, assisting them with large plan sight visits and transporting their clients to and from building development locations.

During the summer months of 2014 we undertook a large variety of garden tours, providing for big and small groups of tourists from across Europe and surrounding continents. Enthusiasts from locations such as France, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Australia (to name a few!), all chose our company to help make their trips special. With high reviews of our luxury minibuses and coaches being reported back after each trip, we have positive expectations that next year’s garden tours will be just as successful.

We also had the great pleasure of providing luxury vehicles for the very prestigious Cheltenham Festival in March and Royal Ascot in June. We have had countless enquires and bookings for these events this year, sending out many of our fleet for business executives, VIP clients, as well as private clientèle. These events are among some of our most requested during this time of year. We are definitely looking forward to these events in 2015 as it looks like it will be another busy time for the industry, with bookings already being considered we are already taking enquiries and bookings for Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot. Be sure to have a look on our website at our luxury minibuses and coaches, and remember to book early!

We have high expectations for the 2015 Rugby World Cup as well. In previous years we have supplied luxury vehicles for seasonal rugby tournaments and have great experience to offer for next year’s World Cup events. Whether that is for a particular match, management meetings, sponsor and advertisement events, or for private parties, we have the luxury minibuses and coaches to fulfil your requirements.

To summarise, this year has been an eventful time with many opportunities that have arisen and a busy year overall. We have worked with many highly respected clients and will continue to provide the best service we can, bringing friendly customer service and quality vehicles. On a final note, we have already started to look further afield, with our company already taking a fully paid booking for 2016. It just goes to show, that if you know you want the right vehicle you should book in advance!

If you would like to book with us, then do not hesitate to contact our office or send an email to For a quick and easy option, you can find our Online Instant Quote Form on our website and we will get a quote back to you as quick as we can. Our office will be back open on 29th December.