Luxury Road-Show Transport

Luxury road-show transport is on the increase these days, with major international shows such as The X Factor using luxury minibuses and coaches to promote tours. In 2014 we saw The X Factor use 3 luxury coaches live on national television to promote the success of the competition’s 3 finalists. All the vehicles were professionally branded with photos of the contestants and imagery from The X Factor, promoting the run up to the final.

From what we’ve seen over the years, events such as book signings, promotional activities and advertising campaigns are becoming much more common with public figures and in celebrity culture. Choosing to hire a coach or minibus for a road-show event is now becoming a standard practice, whether the hiring is in aid of a book launch, product launch or album release, the right form of travel is essential.

Due to the nature of these events, clients often have to travel from venue to venue following strict time schedules. This usually results in the client missing out on the luxuries they are used to at home, such as comfortable seating, space to relax after visiting a venue, coffee machines and other things they should be entitled to. Because of this, luxury vehicles are becoming significantly more sought after within the promotion industry.

Our range of luxury 11-16 seater Mercedes Benz minibuses come with full leather seating, air conditioning, climate control, on-board entertainment systems as standard. These minibuses also include 4G Wi-Fi, which is essential for a busy celebrity on the road, allowing them to keep their Twitter followers updated and post news highlights about tours on Facebook and other social media. All these features are finished off with stylish black tinted windows, plain white/silver livery and a professional, qualified and well presented driver. As a reputable coach and minibus provider, we aim to provide clients with all the necessities they feel they would require on their journey, to help make it a smooth and enjoyable tour for all.

As well as providing luxury vehicles for promotional tours, we have also noticed an increase in the amount of corporate businesses using luxury, VIP and executive minibuses to carry out site visits to regional branches across the UK. These site visits could be for meetings, branch checks or even product tutorial and demonstration tours. Large companies often choose this method as it can be a more financially viable option for the company. It is common to send a team of management to individual offices, instead of arranging regional managers to congregate at the head office. It is essential to make the right impression in these situations and choosing the correct vehicle to represent your company plays a major part in the success of these trips.

In the past, our luxury vehicles have catered for the needs of many business executives who have needed to present themselves as both professional and organised when entertaining their clients. Our luxury minibuses with tables have always proved to be successful when providing for large corporate organisations looking for executive travel, providing the clients with space, comfort and style. In addition to this, many people choose to use smaller, more executive vehicles such as luxury, executive and VIP minibuses rather than coaches. This is because minibuses often provide a more practical transport option for these types of events, being more convenient when in towns and cities.

Luxury Road-Show Transport

Luxury Road-Show Transport

As mentioned in our previous article, ‘Branded Coach Hire & Vinyl Wrap Branding‘, branding a vehicle for increased PR is becoming highly popular with both small time companies and large corporate businesses. Whether the campaign is for one day or for one month, professional vinyl wrapping can play a crucial part in the perceived professionalism of a company.

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Minibus Hire with a driver in Kent

A lot of people wonder why many coach and minibus companies choose to provide vehicle hire with a driver  and not self-drive services. The bottom line is that by hiring a driver, you are relieving yourself of all the troublesome duties of driving and can focus more on having a good time.

We have provided minibus hire with a driver across Kent, Sussex and London for many years now and in our experience we have found that when a client plan to go on trip, they much prefer to have a driver escort them throughout the journey. This means that the passengers can relax without having the stress that comes from driving and can enjoy their day/night out, concentrate on socialising and overall, enjoy themselves.

Although the price may differ between self-drive and driver hire, when you are booking out a minibus/coach with a driver you almost always receive the service you are paying for. At Nova Bussing, we do our utmost to ensure that the customers get the most for their money. All of our minibuses and coaches include professional, well presented and fully qualified drivers ready to meet the requirements of your journey, so that you don’t have to worry about typical driving frustrations and can instead, sit back and enjoy features like our on-board entertainment systems, TV’s and so on.

You often hear stories of customers who have purchased a self-drive service and have broken down at the side of the road, without any knowledge of how to get the vehicle up and running again. This rarely happens with a driver, due to the fact that many companies ensure drivers carry out vehicle checks prior to the minibus/coach leaving the depot. This significantly reduces the potential breakdowns that could occur during a trip, because drivers that drive these buses day in and day out will be more familiar with the noises and way the coaches run.

Minibus hire in Kent with a driver.

Minibus hire in Kent with a driver.

If you would like to receive a quote from us about minibus hire with a driver in Kent, then please fill in our Online Instant Quote Form or send an email to with your trip details and itineraries. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss requirements by phone then do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 6444 118. We look forward to hearing from you.

Minibus Hire With Leather Seats

As a general standard, most luxury vehicles will include full leather seating as well as other features. Often, many coach companies try to pass off minibuses or coaches as luxury, even though they may only have basic features. We would consider a luxury vehicle to be any transport that includes high end features such as air conditioning, climate control, blacked out of tinted windows, reclining seats and of course leather seating.

Of course the idea of a luxury vehicle shouldn’t just be down to what features the vehicle includes internally or externally, but also by what kind of service the client receives. We believe that every client, luxury or not, should receive a well presented and fully qualified driver, who is knowledgeable and can provide helpful support throughout the journey.

We operate a range of luxury vehicles from 11-16 seater luxury minibuses up to 37 seater luxury coaches, with and without tables, including coach and minibus hire with leather seats, all of which can all been viewed throughout our website.

If you would like to receive a quote from us then please fill in the Online Instant Quote Form on our website, or send an email to with your trip details and itineraries. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss requirements by phone then do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 6444 118.

Luxury Minibuses with Leather Seats

We provide luxury minibuses which have leather seating and tables.


Minibus Reviews

Feedback is a very important factor to incorporate into any business. It is considered good practise to ask for feedback from customers in order to find out how to improve on service. As well as helping to inform a potential client about a company, it also shows both honesty and professionalism, both of which are highly sought after qualities in any industry.

Over the last year we have been requesting feedback from every job undertaken and are very proud of what our clients have say about us. We placed all the feedback we received from our customers on our new minibus reviews website and will continue to post feedback.

We appreciate all our customers for their feedback because they help us as much as we help them.